Conversation Hearts Banner, Thrifty Valentine’s Day Craft

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Conversation Hearts Banner, Thrifty Valentine’s Day Craft

Who doesn’t love the classic Valentine’s day candy conversation hearts?  I think they are so cute!  I try to decorate my house for the different holidays without spending much or going overboard and this year thought this would be the perfect idea!  The best part?  You probably have everything you need right now!

You will need

colored paper




hole punch

yarn, ribbon,twine or something to hang the banner

Begin by opening a heart shape in your choice of computer program.  I did use my silhouette software but this would just as easily work in Microsoft word or a program like that.

conversation hearts Valentine's banner, #valentinesday, #valentine, #banner, #garland, #conversationhearts, #valentinesdaydecorations, #thriftycraft, #easycraft, #quickcraft

I made mine large enough that I could get 3 a sheet, but only wanted 2 out of each color.  I did my heart outline and words in red so they would look more realistic and printed them on pastel colored paper.  I believe the font I used was arial, or another very basic font that should be available on most computers.

Once they were printed, I cut them out and punched holes in each heart.

conversation hearts Valentine's banner, #valentinesday, #valentine, #banner, #conversationhearts, #garland, #valentinesdaydecorations, #thriftycraft, #easycraft, #quickcraft

Using bakers twine (because that is what I had on hand) I weaved each heart onto the twine so that the twine ran behind each heart.  It was super easy and turned out really cute!  What a fun, inexpensive and easy way to add some decor to your house for Valentine’s day!

conversation hearts Valentine's banner, #valentinesday, #valentine, #garland, #banner, #conversationhearts, #valentinesdaydecorations, #thriftycraft, #easycraft, #quickcraft

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