Cupcakes in a Cone ~ DIY ~ Kid Friendly Perfect for parties and Picnics

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by Ingard

Cupcake in a cone, icecream cones, cake mix, DIY, Easy, Thrifty, #athriftymom,#cupcakesinaconeMy mother made these CUPCAKES in a CONE as a child.  
They are perfect to take to a party or a picnic.
 No need for picking up the cupcake holders after the kids have eating off the frosting.  
They will eat all the way to the end!
Cupcake in a cone ingredients, jellybeans, icecream cones, cake mix, frosting, DIY, Easy, Thrifty, #athriftymom,#cupcakesinacon
1 Cake Mix
1 tub of frosting
24 ice cream cones (normal size)
muffin tin
Small Jelly beans ( we used Gimbal’s Allergen-Free Fine Candies Gourmet Jelly Beans)

1. Put the cones in the muffin tins.
2. Follow the cake mix instructions on the box.
3.  Pour the cake mix batter in the cones up to the line before the top of the cone. (look at photo)
4.  Bake-Use the chart on the back of the box for cupcakes.  Check with toothpick.
Cupcake in a cone batter, icecream cones, cake mix, DIY, Easy, Thrifty, #athriftymom,#cupcakesinaconemix5. Cool completely.
6.  Frost and decorate.
Cupcake in a cone, icecream cones, cake mix, jelly beans, DIY, Easy, Thrifty, #athriftymom,#cupcakesinacone
Here is the side view of the cupcakes in a cone!
Cupcakes in a cone made my a child, icecream cones, cake mix, DIY, Easy, Thrifty, #athriftymom,#cupcakesinaconeI have to tell my little secret!
My sweet 7 year old asked to decorate one, while I drew a blank of how to add a flower.
Here is what she came up with!
She gave me permission to copy hers

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Tara Jenson
Tara Jenson

I made these for my daughter's birthday. They were a big hit!

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