DIY Glitter Heart Canvas~ Easy Valentine’s Day Craft

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DIY Glitter Heart Canvas~ Easy Valentine’s Day Craft

I never used to decorate for any holiday except for Christmas.  I have found myself wanting more and more to decorate for each season and/or holiday.  As much as I want to make my house look cute for each holiday, I am not willing to pay a lot for decorations!  Here is a cute, easy and thrifty craft that adds a little bit of seasonal charm without going over board.

You will need:

A canvas (mine is 8×10)

piece of paper

glue or mod podge


brush to apply mod podge

scissors to cut stencil

*Side note, canvases can be spendy.  I found a pack of 6 at Ross for less then $8 for the pack.

Begin by cutting a heart out of your plain paper to make a stencil.  I used regular printer paper and my canvas was 8×10 so I had to trim a little off of my paper to make it the same size as my canvas.  I then folded it in half, and cut a heart out of the middle.  Lay it down on your canvas and brush glue or mod podge  in the open area.  You will have to hold your stencil down a little bit, I used tape to help hold it, but it doesn’t hold very well.  Once your heart is covered in glue or mod podge,  sprinkle with glitter.  I used a fine gold glitter like this one.

diy glitter heart canvas, #february,#valentinesday,  #thriftycraft,  #glitter, #heart, #gold, #canvas, #diy, #thriftyvalentines,#thriftygift

diy glitter heart canvas,#heart, #february,#valentinesday,  #thriftycraft,  #glitter,  #gold, #canvas, #diy, #thriftyvalentines,#thriftygift

Remove your stencil and let it dry a little before displaying. Before you go to pick it up, be sure to tap off the extra glitter.  If you can, tap it onto a piece of paper and pour it back into your glitter bottle for next time.   That is it!  Super simple and very pretty.  Would look lovely on a plate stand for the season.

diy glitter heart canvas, #valentinesday,  #thriftycraft, #february, #glitter, #heart, #gold, #canvas, #diy, #thriftyvalentines,#thriftygift

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