Ice Cream Cone Cornucopia Snacks ~Thanksgiving Snacks

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Ice Cream Cone Cornucopia Snacks~Thanksgiving Snacks

Here is another quick, yet adorable snack to add to the kids table at your Thanksgiving feast!  How about  making them this week when the kids get out of school to celebrate the Holiday weekend?  I know my kids loved them!

You will need:

Sugar ice cream cones


Cup of warm water


Filler for your cornucopias (we used trail mix)

Plastic wrap to cover

Ribbon, twine, or something to wrap around the plastic to keep it closed

ice cream cone cornucopia snacks, #icecreamcone, #cornucopia,#fall, #cornucopiasnacks, #thanksgiving,#trailmix, #thanksgivingsnacks, #diy, #thriftysnacks

Begin by getting a small cup of warm water.  Take your straw, dip it in the water, and hold the end to trap some warm water inside the straw.  Dump that into the inside of your sugar cone.  While that softens it up from the inside, dip the outside bottom 1- 1 1/2 inches into the warm water.  Hold there for 20 seconds.  Place in the microwave for 20 seconds.  When it is done, promptly remove it and gently curl it around your straw.  Hold there for several seconds before sliding the straw gently out of the curve.

ice cream cone cornucopia snacks, #cornucopia,#icecreamcone, #cornucopiasnacks, #thanksgiving, #thanksgivingsnacks, #fall, #trailmix, #diy, #thriftysnacks

Let the cones set for a few minutes to give it time to harden up a little.  Fill it up with something yummy.  We used trail mix from the bulk section at Winco.

Rip off a small amount of  plastic wrap and gently wrap it around the opening and tie it off with some ribbon, twine, or something cute to keep it shut.

ice cream cone cornucopia snacks, #cornucopia, #cornucopiasnacks, #icecreamcone,#thanksgiving, #thanksgivingsnacks, #fall, #trailmix, #diy, #thriftysnacks

ice cream cone cornucopia snacks, #icecreamcone, #cornucopia, #cornucopiasnacks, #thanksgiving,#trailmix, #thanksgivingsnacks, #fall, #diy, #thriftysnacks
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Libraries Rock

Great idea. My Art club had a blast with these today. Thank you for a quick and creative great idea!

A Thrifty Mom

So fun

Charity Overcash


Nicole Ferguson

I thought we were gonna make these

Doris Belcher


Gracie Batalla Hernandez
Gracie Batalla Hernandez

Love it, I will definitely do it!

Brenda Spies Franks

Tania Nakaishi-James let make these to send home with them

Crystal Huck

My husbands family has been making these for 20+ years

A Thrifty Mom

Lay these out on the plates with a place card! Tons of great gifting ideas!