Live on Less ~ DIY 2 Liter Bottle Sprinkler to water flowers #Upcycle

06/06/2014 4:45 pm · 4 comments

by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

I went to visit my parents house recently.  I had to smile when I saw my moms “homemade sprinkler”.  Growing up on a limited budget we learned to live on less by doing without a lot of things or being creative and making our own.  My Mom was watering her flowers, her store bought water mister broke.  So she just made her own out of a two liter soda bottle.

She carefully used an ice pick and poked holes into the bottom of the bottle and along the sides.  She then added an extra attachment to  the bottom of the hose so the bottle would screw right on…. and in just a few minutes she was back to watering her flowers without knocking off the petals with the harsh stream of water from the hose.

I think my kids would have fun playing with this as well…

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Very neat idea!! Thanks for sharing!


That's really a very nice idea of your mother. Watering plants like this is truly a very nice approach. This will surely gonna help a lot in their proper growth. Also, I wanna add one more thing, group plants according to their watering needs like group those plants together which needs less water and group those which need more. This will prevent the underwater and overwater problems of plants. This will going to be turn out as a very important step in saving water.


Your Mom is a genius & I am stealing her idea!


Neat Idea never thought of using it like that. I made one of these yesterday for the kids to play with and was thinking about making another for my garden since it worked better than the sprinkler that we purchased for the garden. My only problem is keeping it up in the air so that it doesn't drench the plants right next to it!

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