Octobers Budget Review

11/04/2009 9:00 am · 8 comments

by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

Before sales coupons or sales this would have cost $461.84

But because I waited to match my coupons with a great sale

I was able to get it all for $95.57

IMG_2471Albertsons $17.53


Walgreens .93 cents

IMG_2463Walgreens $1.46

IMG_2465Albertsons $4.06

IMG_2446Walgreens $3.88


Walgreens $9.15


Albertsons $4.65


Albertsons $6.85

IMG_2398Albertsons $18.74

IMG_2389Albertsons $28.32

If you are new to my site, I know you are wondering how I feed my family on the items I purchased for the week.  Well I do not shop like a “Normal” person I stock up on the times that are at their lowest price point for the week.  I bring them home and add them to my Pantry which is full of items  that I use to make my families menu.  My freezer is stocked with meat, so between the pantry and the freezer I do not really “NEED” to buy anything.  Which allows me to only purchase things at a price that I am happy to pay.  Of coarse I have to buy my perishable items every week, like milk eggs and veggies.

Once again it goes to show that having Multiple Sunday papers for coupon inserts and for Doubles, really pays off.  This has been the secret to my saving buying multiple Sunday papers and for only $13 a month it is totally worth it!  To find out how to get the Idaho Press Tribune or the Idaho Statesman A Thrifty Mom Paper deal click them.

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Pam Barron
Pam Barron

I am fortunate, where I am at in Las Vegas, they have the Sunday newspaper for 99 cents at the 99 cents store. Then of course during the week in the grocery ads there are coupons also that are free, There are countless web sites to get coupons, countless freebies sites, reward sites that offer points for gift cards, our local TV staion offers points for words they announce so working to get a free 25.00 dollar gift card from that. I enter sweepstakes and ocassionly win the small amount gift cards or coupons for free items. I try to make a game out of it just to see what I can find. Happy couponing!!!


How come I never see anybody include the cost of their newspapers or ink and paper in their grocery budget? Our local free paper includes Smart Source inserts and I just ignore the Sunday papers. (I know, isn't that awesome? Don't you just want to move here now?) I actually do include my printing supplies in my grocery budget. I wonder what other people are doing. Are you paying for papers or what? Does that count as grocery money for you? Really a categorization issue, but I'm very type-A and want to know. =)

A Thrifty Mom
A Thrifty Mom

Cindy I paid for them a year at at time...saved up and it money already spent for the papers....hope that helps


Do you know how the Idaho papers work the deal to give multiple papers for such a low monthly sub price? I've been trying to convince my local paper to do something like this, I'm pretty sure there would be a lot of interest.


Wow, you did a great job this month! I understand how you shop and stock up, but how did you make it this month with only one gallon of milk? Or do you freeze some? I'm just curious and want to learn how you do it. I could spend what you spend in a month... in only a week. :(


It is so fun to see all your savings. I have a question: We recently updated our computer settings and the coupon printer got erased. I can't find a link anywhere to do it again. Can you help me?

A Thrifty Mom
A Thrifty Mom

just try and reprint a coupon..it will ask you to install the printer


That's an 80% savings! AWESOME!!

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