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12/05/2012 6:02 am · 6 comments

by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

We all love to try and be creative. Some times it takes a couple little hints from someone who is really good. Here is a step by step instruction on how to make Pom Pom from old t-shirts. We would like to thank Carrissa from Living Live and Loving Every Second for sending this our way

Here is the picture of the pom poms they made!

First things first you need to find a t shirt.

I only used from the arm pit down of the shirt and then cut thin strips….after this step is done you need to cut two pieces of card board in the shape of a (C) You can see what I mean with the picture above. You take one piece of the t shirt and wedge it in the middle of the card board (This is so you can tie it after all is wrapped and cut!

You will want to wrap it three times around and once you do that you can use scissors or use an Exacto knife which is sharper and way faster *Hint* Hold your hand down holding the t shirt in place while cutting.

After you have cut all the way around you take the two pieces that you tucked into the cardboard and tie them tight….all of the fabric will gather. Once you have tied it you can remove the card board and fluff it up!

Next is just to hang and ENJOY!

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Não esta bem explicado, ali no 2º passo, não mostra muito como é colocado a camiseta no papelão. seria melhor explicar passo a passo.


Carissa Lurcook
Carissa Lurcook

When you cut across having only the arm pit down you cut across where you get one long strip every time you cut but you can cut it either way and get the same results but the strips would not get you much wrapped I hope this helps I will take a picture and post it up as soon as I can locate myself another unused t shirt


These are really cute and I like the idea but these instructions are not helpful at all.


This is so cute. I have a question. When you say you cut thin strips, do you leave the t-shirt in one big piece (from the arm pit down) and just cut two thin strips on the ends? Do you have pictures of that part? I am visual...sorry:)

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