Scattergories and Pictionary Low as $5 at Walmart

01/26/2010 4:04 pm · 1 comment

by Sarah A Thrifty Mom


Update*** sorry this deal was found at Walmart NOT Target.

It has been reported that Scattergories and Pictionary have been found on clearance marked down from $20 to only $10 at Target. There is a $5 off coupon Here that makes them only $5!!!!  Now remember that clearance deals  are not the same in all areas, so I would not make a special trip looking for this deal.  BUT if you are already at Target then go ahead and look for it!

You can find the Hasbro coupon faster by clicking “Toys & Games” on the left side on

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just an update for this in my area. (eastern wash.) i was doing some shopping at walmart so i though i would swing by the toys and games section to see if these games were on sale. they were but not for 10. the were priced down from 25 to 20. so after the coupon they would still be 15. just wanted to let everyone know!

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