Secret Message from Santa’s Elves~ Christmas Fun for kids

12/24/2013 6:00 am · 1 comment

by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

 I posted this last year… but thought I would post it again because it is a fun thrifty idea for Christmas.  Hope you enjoy!

My kids are still little so they are SO excited about Santa, and they are trying really hard to be good cause they know his elves are watching them.  So I decided to have a little fun with them and let them get a special secret message.

For this project you will need white paper, a white color crayon and water colors….. and children who believe in the magic of Christmas 🙂

While my kids were are at school I took normal paper, and used a white color crayon to draw a Christmas message for each of them.

I then put the paper back in the pile as if it had never been touched.  When the kids got home from school they wanted to paint…. so they started to paint as normal…..TILL they started to notice something was hidden on their paper.

As they painted they unveiled hidden images.  They were so confused as to how they got there.

 My kids decided it MUST have been Santa’s sneaky little elves playing a trick on them.

It was so much fun to hear them giggle and laugh as they painted.

Try this “thrifty” fun project with your kids!

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So cute! Love it! One year, one of Santa's elves was smitten with my daughter, Louisa. He over-wrapped all the presents and put Louisa's name on them! Santa wrote a note and explained what happened while he left "Chet" in charge while he went to the neighbor's house. Sometimes the presents were wrapped several times with several family member's names on them. So each present had to be carefully unwrapped, and then given to the person who's name was on the next layer! It really made Christmas morning fun, and lasted a lot longer, and most importantly, the kids didn't notice there were less presents under the tree!


I love this idea!!! Those sneaky little elves have done several things around here this month. I looks like this is going to be their next little surprise for kiddo!!

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