Simple Mother’s Day Card ~ Mom/ WOW card #MothersDay #DIY

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by Tami

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Simple Mother’s Day Card

This card is perfect for any Mom on your list!  I think this simple card says exactly what most of us feel about our moms in 2 simple words, “WOW MOM!”

Moms are amazing!  They are usually our best friends and biggest supporters.  This card is perfect for children old and young.  It is such a simple design that a grade school age child should be able to cut it and decorate it on their own, while a younger child may need some help with the cutting, but could probably put their perfect touches on it with minimal help.

All you need is a piece of card stock or heavy paper, a marker and scissors.  Plus whatever embellishments you choose to add to yours.  I liked the black edge of mine, so I went ahead with a black sharpie.  I think this would also be perfect with some glitter.  Glitter makes everything better, doesn’t it?

Once you have your card stock, fold it in half.  Write the word “Mom” with the fold of the card on the top of the word.  So the top of your letters should be where the paper is folded, NOT on the open edge.  Write “mom” and then cut the extra paper off, leaving the top seam connected.  Don’t forget to cut out the inside of your O.

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Once it is cut out, open it up and trace the letters so that Mom can easily make out what it says.  I again chose to trace mine in black marker so it was easy to see.

That is it!  You have some room to write a personal note.  Or, just sign your name because you already showed her just how amazing you think she is by saying “WOW!”

Mothers Day Card, spells both MOM and WOW perfect DIY craft for kids #MothersDay, #DIY, #cards #Mom

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