WinCo Self Checkout ~ Thumbs up or Thumbs down???

09/19/2012 9:00 am · 9 comments

by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

Thanks to Janelle  for this photo for the Meridian WinCo….. looks like they are putting in self check outs!  What do you think of these?  Some people love them while others hate them! I wonder if they will allow you to scan your own coupons?  Albertsons learned the hard way and a FEW dishonest people  made it so you can no longer scan your own coupons at self check out.

 WinCo Coupon Match Up list!

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I've never used a self-checkout (Albertsons or FM) with coupons or bringing your own bags that has gone smoothly.  They are great for a few items with no coupons, but those are very infrequent with me these days!

Gretchen Anderson
Gretchen Anderson

I think they are GREAT when you have just a few items, no coupons and there are lines at the other registers. BUT, I have to say the WINCO employees' jobs are safe with me. Invariably, a problem arises and I need assistance from the staff!  


It seems like when you go to Winco you are going to purchase a lot of groceries.  I am not sure how I feel about self checkout at this store in particular. 


I detest self checkouts!  Especially at Albies.  If I am paying top dollar for items I'm certainly not going to be their unpaid cashier!  The scanner goes nuts if you use your own bags; you can't scan coupons; you have to search high and low for the code to weigh bananas; etc.  It's one huge hassle!  There is no replacement for the human cashier.  Period!   Avoid these like the plague!


athriftymom moderator

 @MelissaH99 I wonder if they will be for speedy check... like 20 items or less?  I often run in for ONE item and these would be great for that.


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