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If you haven’t heard of F-Secure Safe then you probably just got in from the boonies. Congrats on your trip. This month we will be doing an introduction to F-Secure Safe while we help run the giveaway. F-Secure is an awesome way to keep your computer and network secure form cyber threats and malware. It works with all kinds of products, so its not just for your computer. With kids being so computer savvy and work on the internet for their school, even as young as kindergarten and preschool, having a secure and safe way for them to engage on the internet. Use it on your smartphone for when you are trying to keep them entertained at the doctors office and when you are at home and they are on computers and even in the car on their tablets.

Check out this short video and enter the giveaway below to be entered for the giveaway.

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Enter to win a Samsung® Galaxy Edge 32GB from F-Secure® Safe!



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