$2.00 off GoodNites Disposable Bed Mats ~ High value coupon!

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I wanted to let you know about this great high value coupon for $2.00 off  GoodNites Disposable Bed Mats. The Disposable Bed Mats are designed to help with children that occasionally wet the bed by giving parents a simple solution that helps protect sheets for an easy clean up!

Bed wetting is more common than you may realize, and often not something we talk about.  Did you know bedwetting is a sleep issue and not behavioral?  My oldest son has issues with bed wetting it was not something I talked about much.  But I soon found out that many of my friends also have children with bed wetting issues.  Both boys and girls of all ages.  Some of them have outgrown it, and others still struggle with it.  It is so nice to have a support system to offer tips, recommend products or Doctors.  But more than anything it is nice to know I am not allow in this struggle.   If your child struggles with bed wetting and you are looking for support you can find  answers to your questions and help on GoodNites.com.

These new  GoodNites Disposable Bed Mats are so convenient.  Being that you never know when an accident may happen it is nice to use them to keep your mattress from getting wet.  We put them under the fitted sheet right on top of the bed.  With the sheet over the top so no one will know that they are there.  Then if your child has an accident all you have to do is change the sheet , toss the bed mat in the trash for a quick and easy clean up.  These are great for travel as well! Grab your coupon before they are gone!

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