2 ways to save money

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saveCell Phone for $10 a month
Looking for a way to save money, I started looking into options for cell phones. I found that if I purchase a prepaid phone my average monthly expense would only be $10. I compared several prepaid plans and found one that worked for me – I only get charged for the minutes I use and text messages I send and receive. I purchase $100 minutes (1000 minutes) for $98 at Walmart. These minutes are good for a year and last me about 10 months, which is about $10 a month. The only other expense was a one time cost for the phone of $30.

Keep your eye open and you can find coupons. For example we were at a Boise Hawk’s game and T-mobile was handing out strike cards. On the back was a coupon for $5 in-store credit that expires 8/31/2010. There are no exclusions listed, so I am guessing that these could be used to buy prepaid minutes.

Get rid of Cable
Have you every found yourself searching through hundreds of channels to find that there isn’t anything worth watching. When we decided to look over our monthly expense to figure out where we could save money, we found that cable was one thing we could change. Here is what we did:

We installed an antenna to get the local digital channels. My husband found one for about $30 on Amazon with free shipping.
We also subscribed to netflix for $8 a month. We love the unlimited online access that it offers, especially for the children’s shows.
We also use the online access to major networks to watch any episodes we miss.

Thanks Monica for these great tips!