40 Low Cost Ideas to do with your kids this summer! Part 3

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40 low cost ideas, games and fun things to do with your kids this summer #Summer, #Kids, #DIYPART 3 of 4
Thanks to Savvy Spending for passing along these great ideas,

21) Store Freebies: Participate in some of the free weekend activities I post every Friday. Stores like Michaels, Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc. offer free activities for kids all year long!

22) See a Ball Game: You can usually find discounted tickets on ebay to MLB games, or see if you have a minor league game nearby.

23) Become a photographer or make a scrapbook: With all the great photo deals available, this is a cheap way to have fun and be creative. Give kids a disposable camera and have them take pictures of their summer. Then, have a family night in August to create your scrapbooks!

24) Make a pen pal: Encourage kids to learn something about someone in another country. The website epals lets kids form pen pels with kids around the world. If you don’t want your kids emailing, you can send letters to family friends or relatives who live far away.

25) Kids make dinner: Put your kids in charge of dinner (if they are old enough) or help younger ones decide whats on the menu for tonight- even if it’s pancakes with macaroni and cheese, let them eat it for one night! Adding candlelight will make it extra special.

26) Family Game Night: Have kids pick out game for the whole family to play! If your kids are old enough, have them make up their own game with cardboard and notecards.

27) Try something new! Find something you’ve never done before and learn how to do it! It could be making your own ice cream, learning to play chess, creating a puzzle, making a bird feeder, making your own silly putty or bubble solution, tie-dying a shirt, or planting a garden. Involve your kids and watch them learn! You can find instructions how to make most of these things online!

28) Create a time capsule: I always wanted to do one of these as a child! Have every member of your family add a letter to themselves and a special memento (or make a picture collage) into a box (and then place in a large bag). Promise to open it again in X number of years. Go here for more ideas.

29) Read a book together as a family: You should be able to ask a librarian for suggestions on books that would be appropriate for your family and kids ages. Each night, read 1-2 chapters together. When the book is finished, have a themed book party where you dress/act as the characters, discuss your favorite parts, act out scenes, or watch the movie version (if there is one).

30) Learn about astronomy: Find some websites or books on stars and then find someplace to go to look at the stars some night (you may have to get out of the city). Bring a blanket and some dessert and star gaze!

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