40 Low cost ideas to do with your kids this summer! Part 4

40 low cost ideas, games and fun things to do with your kids this summer #Summer, #Kids, #DIY

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31) Make up your own holiday: This could be the start of a great family tradition! There aren’t too many (any?) major holidays between now and Labor Day, so have a contest to create your own holiday! Decide what day it will be, how you will celebrate and observe it every year, and maybe share it with your neighbors and make it an annual event!

32) Cook everything on the grill: Breakfast, lunch and dinner must be cooked outside. As my dad always says, “Food tastes better outdoors!” Find recipes on line for new ideas. One of our favorites is a grilled ham and cheese sandwhich made over the fire (we call them “mistokenchies” after their name in Portuguese… I think) or a fried bannanas and chocolate dessert. Use charcoal to really make it special!

33) Go to Chuck E. Cheese: We like to do this a fun treat for our kids. You can print rewards calendars at their website good for 10 free tokens. Spend a few dollars to get some more tokens, and then play all sorts of arcade games for tickets! You don’t have to eat there and it doesn’t cost anything to get in.

34) Go go-carting or putt-putt golfing: You can usually find B1G1 free coupons in the Entertainment book. Don’t have a book? Ask a friend or trade for a coupon at AFullCup.com

35) Make your own Design: Have kids create a work of art, then take a picture of it and upload to it VistaPrint to turn it into a magnet, canvas bag, tee shirt, etc. You can get most of these for free at VistaPrint- just pay shipping!

36) Go Bowling! Join the Kids Bowl Free program and go bowling any day! You’ll have to pay for shoe rental unless you have your own!

37) Pajama Day: Stay in your p.j’s all day (or maybe just till lunchtime) and spend the day having a “read-in”, playing games, making a fort, playing play-doh, finger painting, etc. Your kids will remember this funny day.

38) Redo your kids bedroom: Find free or cheap accessories and furniture on Craigslist.org or Freecycle.com or at thrift stores. It’s amazing what a little paint and re arranging can do to a room!

39) Help the environment: Collect water containers or newspapers and visit the recycling center. Teach your kids about recycling. Then take something from home and turn it into something else. See who can be the most creative!

40) Visit an animal shelter: Using coupons, get some pet food or treats for free or cheap and go volunteer at the local animal shelter (call ahead first). Your kids may enjoy petting some cute little animals and the shelter will appreciate your help. Take this opportunity to talk about animal shelters and pet adoption.

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