Johann fairWe went to the county fair. We had fun looking at the animals, art, hobby displays and watching some of the entertainment.  But of course since we were at the fair we had to let him try some “fair food”.  Pulled pork sliders in a cup, handmade corn dog, and a funnel cake.  Not a very healthy choice but it sure was good.Johann fairLater that day we went to Roy’s Hot Springs in Emmett Idaho for our Ashby Family reunion. We had a great time swimming and as always Johann was a great help with the kids and all the cousins adored him.
Family photo at swimming poolSwimming with the family

After swimming our whole family stopped at Sonic for half price shakes. It was 9pm and Johann was surprised that we would eat ice cream so late at night.  While we were in France all the meals were very scheduled, and there was NO SNACKING in between meals and a late night sugar run was not common.  Since he was eating like an american and eating a large shake so late, he also decided to give the foot long chili dog a try.  Which he was very impressed with …lol.Johann with ahis foot long hot dog