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Big Juds in Boise IdahoWhen Johann’s brother was here 2 years ago he did the Big Jud’s burger challenge.   You have 30 minutes to eat a HUGE Big Jud burger with a 1 lb beef patty.  You also have to drink a large soda and a large basket of tots or fries.   Just to put it into perspective… our WHOLE family of 6 orders this same meal, and we share it.  It is a TON of food.   But Johann was very excited to take on this challenge.Big Juds in Boise IdahoTen minutes into the challenge he was over half way done with the burger and tots, he was sure he had this challenge beat.  But he began to chew slower and it became harder to swallow.  As the clock ticked down he just could not get the last few tots and small bite of burger down.  He was not able to complete the challenge like his brother did.  Worst part is he became rather sick after and it was a long bumpy ride back home.   I think it will be awhile before he wants a burger again.

Big Juds in Boise Idaho

The next day we went to a pizza joint for lunch and he did not eat much.  BUT he did feel well enough to go shooting.  This time they went clay shooting.