42 Days with Johann our Boy from France ~ Day 4 #Travel #France

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johann swimmingI woke up to Johann playing xbox with the kids after he helped them eat breakfast.  I could really get use to having older kids around to help out, lol.  He also helped the kids clean up the house a bit and vacuum the floors.  We then went swimming at our friends pool.  She cooked us hot dogs for lunch, something that he does not have very often so he happily gobbled down 3 of them.

It was time to put sun screen on the kids so I started to spray them down, I asked him if he wanted sun screen he DID, but had never seen spray on sun screen before and was worried it would not work.  He also wanted to make sure it was at least 50 SPF, which was nice to see since most teen boys in america are more concerned about getting a rocking tan then protecting their skin.

On the way home I drove past the mail box and asked him to reach out and grab the mail, he was quite surprised at how small our mail boxes are and the fact that they are NOT locked.  He said so far the only thing I have found that is BIGGER in France is our mail boxes, so far everything else is bigger in America.  For example cars, roads, food, people…. 🙂