42 days with Johann our Boy From France ~ Day one #Travel #France

DSC_3002Some of you may remember that 2 years ago we had Paulin from France come live with us for the summer.  Matt and I had the pleasure of going to France last summer and spending 10 days with the Herkins family. We fell in love with him and his family and were excited to welcome his younger brother Johann to come spend the summer with us this year.

My kids have been counting down the days till “Our boy from France” came to stay.  He made the long journey and finally got here after 3 long plane rides.  I ended up having an unexpected  trip to the ER and kidney stone removal surgery the day before he came.   I am a little under the weather and not feeling 100% but so excited to share our summer with Johann!DSC_3009We picked him up from the Boise airport at 7pm,  we then had dinner at Cracker Barrel.  The kids were excited to let him taste their favorite biscuits and gravy.  In France a biscuit is a hard cracker, so these soft fluffy melt in your mouth biscuits were much different.

A few other differences.  Here in America you get a large glass when you order a soda, and free refills.  That is something you never find in France.  Also our water always comes with ICE in it, while we were in France we never got ice unless we asked for it.  Also when we were done with our meal we took the left over home in a “doggie bag”.  Johann told us what a great idea that was, in France you can not take your left over food home, it would be very rude.

We came home and showed Johann around a little bit, then off to bed he went.  Being that he had not slept in almost 24 hours.  Going to be a FUN and exciting 42 days with our boy from France :).DSC_3011