A Bag of Rice Project #7 – A VISIT TO THE LEWIS FAMILY

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Learn how you can be apart of helping people who are in need with our A Thrifty Mom Bag of Rice Campaign. In 2016 we started helping a young man named Ikechukwu from Nigeria. Summer of 2019 we were able to visit his family in Aba, Nigeria. While there we saw widespread poverty and lack of basic needs. We would like to invite you to help meet one of those basic needs, by providing Nigerian families with rice. This gift will feed a large family for a few months, or a single person a year. It also reminds them they are loved, and brings most of them to tears… as a full bag of rice is one of the most generous gifts they will ever receive.

The Following story is about the Lewis family, their bag of rice was donated thanks to Jackie Henry, Maryellen Raymond, Sherry Fuimaono, Dana Howard Bauer this is the 7th bag of rice our program has been able to give away thanks to generous donations!

We set out to visit with the Lewis family, they lived in the outskirts of Aba and the road to their house was bad and we had to drive slowly so as not to damage the vehicle from the potholes. We eventually got to their house and I was shocked to see where they were living. A house that could be described as part wood, part cement and part zinc. They had just come back from church as it was a Sunday.

The Lewis house

Even with the limited space, they managed to secure an area for cooking and it is small but despite all of this the family greeted us with smiles and were happy to see us to talk to us. We met Mr Lewis Anabiri and his wife Glory Lewis with their 5 children. Mr Lewis helps wherever their is a building project. He is multi skilled but work is really hard to find according to him. We could generally see the state the family was in and it hurt our hearts.

A view of the kitchen

As we interacted with the family, and told them of our mission Mrs Glory Lewis broke down in tears. She thanked us for a long period off time. We tried to help her understand that things will be better and that our visit was a sign that better things were coming for them. We shared scriptures with them and gave them the rice and I saw how happy and hopeful they were. As we were leaving I noticed that the front door of their house had a sign that said “I’m covered with the blood of Jesus Christ” and I was really touched as to the level of their faith and I was glad we were able to bring them a little bit of hope and they were able to share their light with us.

The Lewis Anabiri family