A Thrifty Mom Paper deal NOW IN BOISE

I have GREAT news! Many of you know I have worked out a coupon special with the Idaho Press Tribune ( my local paper). It is by far the lowest price in town and delivered right to your door. You will get 4 Sunday papers ( the ones with all the coupon inserts) plus you get a daily paper for the low price of $13.80 a month.
Here is the GREAT news, as of 2 months ago they did not deliver to Boise, but they had so many calls from Boise they are now covering parts of Boise. If enough interests is shown soon they hope to cover all of Boise! SO if you would like your area covered, or to see what the new boundary’s are make sure you call.
Greg at the Idaho Press Tribune 870-2784
Make sure you ask for the “A Thrifty Mom Paper Deal”
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