Albertsons BBQ Saturday

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The Caldwell, Idaho Albertsons is offering BBQ every Saturday (weather permitting).

These are Thrifty prices for already BBQed food that you can take home for an easy pre-BBQ meal

or with you to the park or the lake and get a great picnic.

  • Whole Tri-tip $18.00
  • 1/2 Tri-tip $10.00
  • Tri-tip sandwich $5.00
  • Tri-tip sandwich meal (drink & chips included) $6.00
  • Full rack of Pork Ribs $12.00
  • BBQ 1/2 chicken $3.00
  • BBQ 1/2 chicken meal (drink & chips included) $4.00 
  • Albertsons water $.50
  • Super chill soda $.50
  • chips $1.00
Check for BBQ’s at Albertsons in your location… if they don’t maybe suggest it to the management
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