Albertsons Doubles

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albertsonsWe are in Idaho Falls this weekend, on our way to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. So The only one I can confirm is that there are 3 Albertsons Doublers on page A6 of the Post Registrar.

One of our readers has said there are Albertsons doublers on page 12 of the Press Tribune. Click here to learn how to get the Press Tribune

And one of our readers said there was Albertsons doublers in the Statesman as well, but I’m unsure of what page. Click here to get the Statesman for 28 cents

Thanks to Sally for the Idaho Press Tribune being that I am out of town!

For any in the Tri-Cities, three doublers are on page B6 of the TC Herald. (Thanks Martha K)

Seattle Times on A11. (Thanks Pat)

They are on page A6 of the Tacoma News Tribune (Thanks Denene)

They are on page A7 in the Spokane paper-Spokesman-Review 3 coupons are printed. ( thanks Tammilee)

Olympian page A8 ( Thanks Heather)

These are printed on the paper its self, and are not inserts.

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