Albertsons Twice the Value Coupon Deals Spent $24.42 (was $211.95)

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Well this is what I was able to get at Albertsons  with my twice the value coupons.  I also had $60 in catalina coupons to use from the gift card promo.  I used that to buy some bigger items like a ham, a LARGE pork roast (which came with 2 free sides of potatoes) and new Pyrex pans ( but I did use the $1.00 off coupon with a twice the value coupon taking $2 off each pan).  The Chestnuts we on manger mark down in the produce section.  To see how to Roast Chestnuts you can see our DIY post here.

I did 6 transactions using 3 twice the value coupons in each transaction (also used the $60 in catalina coupons)  Before sale price or coupons this would have cost $211.95 I was able to get  it all for $24.42.