Anti-Valentine, Valentine’s Day “Sucks” Bouquet of Suckers

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by Tami

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Anti-Valentine, Valentine’s Day “Sucks” Bouquet of Suckers

If you are looking for a silly way to share your dislike for Valentine’s day with your other single friends, here is a cheap and easy idea!  All you need are some suckers and a note!  Don’t even get Valentine’s day suckers, because that would be supporting the very holiday you are avoiding, right?

So here you go, on a piece of paper write “Valentine’s day sucks, but you are great!” and add some suckers.  Easy enough right?  This would be a cute idea for your office or cubicle at work to share with your co-workers.  Obviously, you are writing the note so personalize or customize it to say whatever you would like.  For some reason I love puns for Valentine’s day and think that you can get away with silly ones even more than any other holiday, right?

I think this would be a great gift idea for friends, roommates, anyone you know that doesn’t have someone to share Valentine’s with or just doesn’t like the holiday in general.  A great way to share a laugh on a day that could be really miserable and lightens it up a little bit!

anti valentine, valentine's day sucks bouquet of suckers, #valentinesday, #antivalentine, #gaggifts, #antivalentinesday, #thriftygifts, #funnygifts, #suckers

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