Are your winter blues draining you?

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As the cold weather starts to come to a close. And we all feel the urgent need to recharge ourselfs, there is one way that will really keep us going. A great adventure with the people we love. Get out and enjoy something new and fun. Try a campout. Weither out in the wild outdoors, or maybe just a tent set up in the family room. Make it fun and make it real. If you choose the wild adventure in your family room, make it as real as you can. Turn off the lights, don’t use the TV, and grab the flashlights and lanterns. The newest things out there for lighting are the LED flash lights and even lanterns. They are super bright and with LED they can last so much longer then the old fashion light bulb lanterns. And especially with a Rayovac battery, I can personally attest to the longevity of the Rayovac batteries. In scouts I make sure that my flashlights and my lantern is well stocked with my Rayovac batteries. I know that wether it’s cold or hot that the Rayovac battery will hold its power and keep my pathways and tents well lit.

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