Be part of a miracle

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main_whoBe part of a miracle – the rewards are more than financial. They’re priceless.

Some readers may have noticed an ad recently placed in the sidebar for Reproductive Possibilities, LLC, an agency searching for gestational surrogates (woman to carry babies for other couples-the babies are not biologically related to the surrogate). I’m proud to have it there for many reasons, and realized that I had an opportunity to pass along additional information with the possibility that it may lead to even one family having a dream of parenthood realized.

Reproductive Possibilities, LLC is a well established gestational carrier agency, always looking for healthy moms who want to give an incredible gift to others. Their goal is to match intended parents and gestational carriers, and help foster a wonderful relationship for all.

Being a gestational carrier can be rewarding; making it possible for a mom to stay at home with her children, or help her to save for future college expenses. However the best reward, as any experienced gestational carrier will tell you, is seeing the joy and love on parents’ faces when they get to hold their baby for the first time.

Reproductive Possibilities, LLC was recently featured on CBS Sunday Morning News, which you can see HERE. Then browse through their website and reach out to them if you’re interested in finding out about how you can give the gift of life.