Camping Theme Party Favors, Fishing Snack ~ Scout or Family Reunions Ideas

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by Tami

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Camping Theme Party Favors, Fishing Snack

There aren’t many photos to go with this post, so I apologize in advance. We got so busy that I forgot to take a minute to take some good ones before they are called handed out!  There were a hit and everyone took off with them so fast!

You will need:

Goldfish crackers

Long pretzel rods

Twizzlers pull and peel licorice

Plastic cups

The steps for this are so simple, the hardest part will be pulling apart the strands of licorice.  The pull and peel pulls apart, but be gentle or they will rip (we learned that the hard way several times).  Go slow and you will get best results.

In your plastic cup, poor some goldfish crackers.  I got one of the really large, milk carton style boxes and got a lot of cups out of them.  This was also for our blue and gold banquet, so we wanted a lot.  If you are just doing it for a small party a regular size box will do just fine.

Tie a strand of licorice around one end of your pretzel rod.  Not a whole piece, just a single strand from the big piece of licorice. Tie it gently or it will rip and break.  Now just rest the pretzel rod on the top of your plastic cup with the licorice piece hanging into the cup.

The kids loved them and thought they were so fun!  This is great for any party, but especially a camping theme party or event!

camping theme party favors, #partyfavors, #campingparty, #partyfavors, #goldfish, #fishing, #licorice, #pretzels, #thriftypartyfavors, #thriftypartyideas

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