Christmas Bucket List – 30 ways to celebrate Christmas and Create Memories

Christmas Bucket List - 30 ways to celebrate Christmas and Create MemoriesHey all! It’s Katie. I can hardly believe it’s December 1st already. I’m still feeling like it should be September. This year has gone by so fast. To help celebrate this Christmas season I made a bucket list.

The Christmas Bucket List is a list of 30 things I can do with my family that helps us think about others and enjoy the holiday season together. Pick one to do each day or do a few during the week. There’s 30 because not everyone is going to have snow for sledding or shoveling so it gives some variety and flexibility to one’s situation. Feel free to add your own ideas that your family wants to do. This is great for generating opportunities to give us some quality time together to create memories and really embrace the Christmas season.

  1. Start an advent calendar. This one can be as simple as a paper chain or a an advent calendar of chocolates. We found some chocolate calendars under $2 each at the Grocery Market Bargain Outlet this year!
  2. Make Christmas cards for family or friends.
  3. Put up your Christmas tree. If this one is already done, find a new Christmas decoration to add to your home (the dollar store has some fun ones).
  4. Cut out paper snow flakes.
  5. Go sledding.
  6. Make hot cocoa with marshmallows and cream cheese and play a game together.
  7. Watch your favorite Christmas movie with some popcorn.
  8. Make a treat for a friend or neighbor.
  9. Do a Christmas craft.
  10. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway. Give them a great free tip by telling them the benefits of resin bound surfacing.
  11. Visit an elderly neighbor.
  12. Make a batch of sugar cookies and have friends and family over to decorate them.
  13. Go through the pantry and pull out some canned goods. Donate them to a local shelter or food pantry.
  14. Build a snowman.
  15. Find a local giving tree and pick a person to buy a gift for. Toys for tots is a good alternative if you can’t find a tree.
  16. Write a letter to Santa.
  17. Visit a nativity.
  18. Go caroling. Nursing homes are a great place to do this too.
  19. Have a Christmas music dance party and rock around the Christmas tree 😉
  20. Go ice skating.
  21. Go to a holiday parade.
  22. Learn a Christmas tradition celebrated in another culture or country.
  23. Collect spare change and donate it to a Salvation Army bell ringer.
  24. Be a secret santa. Drop off a holiday meal of ham, potatoes, green beans, and a dessert to a family in need.
  25. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter.
  26. Read a Christmas book.
  27. Go for a drive and check out Christmas lights. Our downtown has a really great display we love to visit every year.
  28. Make cookies for your kids’ teachers.
  29. Build a gingerbread house.
  30. Attend a Christmas concert.

I love a big list of ideas like this because then I don’t feel the pressure of having to accomplish everything on a certain day like a countdown. I hope you and your loved ones can find the peace that this Christmas season brings. What are your favorite ways to celebrate and embrace this special season? Want more ways to celebrate check this out.

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