Cinderella Themed Party Recipe ~ Cinderella Magical White Chocolate Bark

Magical White Chocolate Bark

Cinderella Party Ideas, Princess Bark, Have Courage and be Kind, Recipe DIY ideas for Disney Princess themed Birthday Party Cinderella Magical White Chocolate Bark

Princess themed parties are a common occurrence in our house since we have 3 girls. Not long ago I took my girls to the Disney film Cinderella. They LOVED it, and I did too. My 7 year old has already informed me that she would like a Cinderella princess themed party for her 8th birthday party. SO it is time to start gathering ideas (easy ideas are my favorite lol) so I will be ready for her birthday in a few months.

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cinderella barkSupplies Needed:
• Light Blue Candy Wafers
• Bright Blue Candy Wafers
• Bright White Candy Wafers
Blue Sixlets
Silver Pearlized Sugar Sprinkles

Other Supplies Needed:
Wax Paper
Microwave Safe Cup or Bowl
• Mixing Spoons
A Cookie Sheet

Cinderella Party Ideas, Princess Bark, Have Courage and be Kind, Recipe DIY ideas for Disney Princess themed Birthday Party treat ideasDirections:

1. This step not necessary but makes clean up SO much easier. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper with the wax side facing up.
2. Get 3 bowls to melt your chocolate in, you will want to melt them in different bowls. I guess you could wash the same bowl 3 times… it is up to you.
3. Choose which color will be your “base” and melt that one first in the microwave for 30 seconds, stir and repeat until the chocolate is melted.
4. Pour your melted chocolate onto your wax paper and spread evenly across the wax paper using a spoon to make a nice thick base layer that is even thickness across.
5. Melt your next color using the same method in step number three. BUT instead of spreading it you will now drizzle this color on top of your base color so the base color can still be seen.
6. Repeat step number five using your final color of candy wafers. HURRY on to the next step as you chocolate still needs to be warm in order for the balls and sprinkles to stick.
7. Place your blue sixlets on top of the melted chocolate. If your chocolate hardens, the sixlets will not stick.
8. Sprinkle your silver sugar sprinkles over the top again ensuring they stick to the chocolate.
9. Place the cookie sheet into the refrigerator for 1-2 hours until the chocolate has completely hardened.
10. Once it is cool, take the edge and snap a piece off.  OR you can use the backend of a spoon to break the chocolate bark into smaller pieces.

Cinderella Silver star wands, Fairy Godmother WandsSilver Star Fairy Godmother Wands

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