Confession time (don’t judge me) ~ #RealLife

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Pumpkins seeds, funny story about everyday life as a mom, hacksConfession time (don’t judge me)…. Last night my kids carved pumpkins. They all separated the pumpkins seeds for me to make into roasted pumpkin seeds (they look forward to this tradition each year). Little Maveric spent almost an hour picking them out one, by one. They put them all in a bag, as I saw the big bag of sloppy, slimy seeds I felt rather overwhelmed.

Making seeds is not hard, but just one more thing to add to my already very busy day. SO…. I ran to the dollar store, bought 2 bags of pumpkin seeds, came home dumped then in a tupperware bowl and left it on the counter for the kids. I put the packages in the trash…. IF they ask I will tell them they are store bought. But If they don’t ask I AM NOT TELLING THEM. ?#?Best2BucksIHavespentAllYear? ?#?IAmNotSuperMom?.