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Couponing has given me the freedom to help seniors in my area. I had the opportunity to meet an elite group of people (ages 70-92) and learn that they just don’t have the money to buy luxuries like deodorant, lotion, razors. These are items our family considers staples. Our hearts were filled with love for these lovely people that some of us have forgotten. We remember the veterans, the homeless, etc. but we forget that “The Greatest Generation” needs us to help them be comfortable in their remaining years. My parents were part of this generation and went through great sacrifice as my dad served in WWII, as did many other elite individuals. They have known hardship that we can only read about as the nation rallied together to make the freedom’s we enjoy today possible. We get excited each week to see where the great deals are, purchasing them and putting them in our “donation box”. Thank you for giving me the freedom to share this story.

Brooke Harrison

In the simplest form, coupon usage blesses me to be a stay-at-home mom. However, God recently called my husband to move us from Northern Indiana to Southern California. My husband was a youth pastor in Indiana and he had to leave with no income coming in for awhile. We lived off of our coupon purchases and now we have a steady income after nearly a month of zero income. We were able to eat healthy, smell good, and never go without. Honestly, I don’t think we could have made the transition as smoothly (and quickly!)as we did without coupons. It is a blessing to our family to have coupons!


I have only been couponing for one month. What a difference just one month has made! I am a stay-at-home Mom of 5. Every day I would go to the grocery store and buy a meal for dinner. Up until this past month, at the end of the month the cupboards would be bare and we could barely make ends meet until our next check came in for our grocery budget. But only after one month, my pantry is stocked, my freezer is full and I can’t wait to find more thrifty bargains so I can use my coupons!
In only one month, my family has plenty to eat and we have the freedom to use our extra money for other things. Side note: My kids think I’m stocking up for the Zombie Apocalypse!


Couponing gives me the freedom to be able to use the extra money to do fun things–going to the aquarium, zoo, and acquire extra things that we normally couldn’t afford to purchase. We have an autistic child and the extra money goes to things he can really enjoy such as little league, swim lessons and adaptive equipment.


I’ve used coupons since before I got married 12 years ago so I’m going to say that having and sticking to a budget gives me the freedom to be a stay at home mother. Take it from me, coupons are no good without a budget. It’s amazing the freedom I have from budgeting. Couponing helps my budget go so much further.

Sharon Nance

Couponing gives me the freedom to be able to have extra money for going to the movies, going out to eat and to go on a summer vacation and send my kids to church camp. I love saving money and being able to get something for nothing or next to nothing. It has become an addiction that I don’t mind having.



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