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Each day we will be posting our readers “Couponing gives me the Freedom to…”  At the end of the month,

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Couponing helps me help our adult children. Oldest is 3rd year med school and man money is tight for her. Took her out today to buy clothing for the clinic/hospital. Used some gift cards and coupons I had. Paid a little over $10.00 oop for 2 pants, skirt, top & 2 sweaters. She was so excited!!!


Couponing has given me the chance to build a bit of a stockpile for a rainy day without cutting in to what I have budgeted monthly for groceries

Tiffany Sexton

There are so many things couponing has blessed my family with and more important myself. I began couponing 2 yrs ago when my lavish- I am embarassed to say- lifestyle made a drastic change.I was/am a homebuilder and was making extreme $.I lived a life of 200 dollar jeans and 600 dollar purses- now I have a stroke if my hubby wants ice cream not on sale ;) .We have a family of 5 and the economy hit us both hard since we are both in construction.I love the way it has enriched my life and made me realize what really is important, my family, my friends and living in the moment-not for things.I could never go back to full price! Lol

Lori Davis

Couponing gives me the freedom to be able to give to others when they are in need.


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