Crafter’s Crate ~ 5 fun projects for your girls to create, HUGE Thumbs Up on this review

crafters crate

 Last month I was contacted by a gal who lives in my area, she just started a business called Crafter’s Crate. She sends monthly crates (boxes) of crafts, activities, and other goodies to girls ages 5-12. With a  focus on providing parents  an avenue to talk to their daughters about important issues, such as self esteem, self worth, building healthy friendships, etc. She asked if my girls would like to review a box.

Well let me just say they were BOTH so excited to get a box in the mail with THEIR name on it.  They did all the projects, LOVED every second of it and when they were done wanted another box.  They could hardly wait for the next box to show up.  My 5 year old even asked me if she did extra chores if the box would come quicker…lol.  She watched out the window… and with excited yelled at the top of her lungs, ” That’s MY BOX, I see the pink elephant.”

crafters crate

Each box comes with 5 creative projects to make.  Each project comes with an instruction card that tells them about the project, supplies included and things they will need.   The card will also tell them if it is a Science, Craft, Cook or Activity with detailed step by step instruction on how to complete the project.  Plus they can save the card to make the project again if they wish.


The first project they made from their  Box was Growing Grass… My girls were so excited to decorate their cups put in the soil  seeds and then water it.  Now they have to wait to observe the grass growing and how much progress it will make each day.  The projects are simple, but perfect and make them think .  They feel so important as they complete each project.

crafters crate intro

Some of the projects are things that I have seen in magazines or pinterest and thought  “I should try that”  but I never do… why, because rounding up all the supplies takes time and effort and I never seem to get it done. Which leaves me feeling guilty and wishing had more time to do FUN things with my girls.   With Crafters Crate it is ALL RIGHT THERE in the box… 5 amazing projects ready to make your daughter smile.

crafters crate how too

The box is $19.99 a month with FREE SHIPPING.  So that is $4 per project, heck that is less than you pay for a kids meal and this is educational and FUN at the same time.

I highly recommend you getting a Crafter’s Crate for your daughter and see what she thinks.  Perfect for weekend projects or summer activities.  Plus a great way to bond with your daughter.  My girls really likes doing the project “ALL MY THEMSELVES” because they wanted to be big girls, but giggled and laughed with me as we sat and did the project together (even if I did just watch).

Thanks again to Crafter’s Crate for sending the box to review.  I was not paid for this post, all opinions are my own.