Create, keep and share your life in pictures and words with Blinkbuggy ~its FREE

So who has heard of BlinkBuggy? How many of you use facebook as your baby book or even a journal of sorts? There is a better alternative and BlinkBuggy is it!

BlinkBuggy is trying to make it easy and fun to capture, share and enjoy all of life’s moments, both big and small, today and forever! By combining the idea of the traditional baby book with the power of technology.

As parents we are documenting our lives more than ever before and it quickly becomes overwhelming.

Like the generations before us with one, thoughtful and focused baby book per child (I have mine but it isn’t very full), today’s parents have 10,000 photos on a hard drive, 1,000 one-off shares on Facebook, 100 related emails and comments from family and close friends, 50 video links on YouTube, etc.

BlinkBuggy is a technology that helps moms, dads and grandparents by making it easy and fun to collect and connect all the most important moments and create meaningful stories, all in one place, that can be shared now, printed into beautiful memory books as well as passed on to the next generation.

Why it’s unique with BlinkBuggy:

  • One place for everything: Brings together all the ways you record your memories (photo, video, email, written notes, artwork, milestones, etc.)
  • The privacy you want: Easily share your memories—but only the ones you choose to share. You control your data and who it’s being shown to through simply, flexible privacy controls
  • Collaboration with family and friends: Invite others to share in the stories and contribute their own memories
  • Powerful organizational system: Quickly tag and group all of your memories as you create them so you can easily find the ‘best of the best’ at any moment
  • In the cloud and on your coffee table: Enjoy life’s little moments today, and forever, both in the cloud and in custom printed memory books

Blinkbuggy demo example

Expected improvements which is prioritized based on popular demand from our users:

  • 1. V2 iPhone app – increased viewing/sorting options & ability to invite friends
  • 2. Video – integrate and share the sight, sound and motion of your amazing videos
  • 3. Android app (currently supports Apple for FREE)

The Blinkbuggy app allows you to capture, organize and share memories as they happen right from your mobile device.

This app is a natural complement to your Blinkbuggy web account. The web account serves as your hub and the app allows you to easily capture memories on-the-go and send them back into your web account. On the iPhone itself, you will only see the memories that have been saved using the app. On the web account you will see all your memories from both computer and mobile app!