DIY Monster Claws, Quick Costume Idea

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by Tami

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DIY Monster Claws, Quick Costume Idea

You may have read the post on how to make some awesome monster horns.  If not, you can find that here.

As I had mentioned, my son had a music program at school and had to dress up as wild things. We needed a quick costume idea that we could make with things around the house. Here is what we came up with;

You will need

Construction paper



I traced my hand so that it would be larger than my son’s hand and made sure to make the fingers pointed.  I then didn’t do my thumb, just to make them look a little funky.

After I cut the hands, I cut a piece of ribbon and rolled it. I then glued it to the back of the claw.  I left it the size for his hand, so he could just slide his hand in to hold it.

diy monster claws, easy costume idea, thrifty costume, easy costume, monster hands, claws, thrifty monster costume

You may have to use hot glue for this part.  I found it held better that way.

This was so perfect for what we needed!  They didn’t get sweaty and annoying.  He was so happy with them and was showing them off all night.  It just shows that sometimes we don’t have to have everything “pinterest perfect” to make it great!

This could be made as fancy or detailed as you want.  You could cut it out of foam to have it be more durable. You could add finger nails, paint, or whatever!  My son is not a huge fan of people looking at him, so I wanted to keep it as simple as possible!

These would also be great  for a monster themed birthday party.  Have some cut and let the kids decorate them any way they would like.

diy monster claws, easy costume idea, easy costume, monster hands, thrifty costume, claws, thrifty monster costume

You might also like to make horns too…

diy monster horns, thrifty costume idea, costume, monster, horns, diy costume, diy monster costume, diy horns

DIY Monster Horns- Great For Costumes

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