DIY Wreath Made From Fabric Squares~Valentine’s Day Wreath

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DIY Wreath Made From Fabric Squares~Valentine’s Day Wreath

I love wreaths.  A lot.  Like, probably too much.  This obsession has only begun in the last couple of years, but now I want one for every season.  I have seen cute rag style wreaths all over the blog world and decided it was time to try to make my own.

What you will need:

A wreath form (I used a wicker style from the dollar store)


Pinking shears

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Piece of cardboard cut into a 3×3 inch square

For your fabric, pick a few fat quarters up at your local fabric store if you don’t have scraps on hand.  I already had what I needed in my stash.  Use as many or as few colors as you want, but try to keep them coordinated.  Since mine is for Valentine’s day, I used pinks and reds in various shades.  Now lay out your fabric and begin tracing squares with a light pencil or a fabric pencil.  Do it very lightly so it doesn’t show too much.  Now either using pinking shears or a rotary cutter with a pinking blade cut out your squares.  The benefit of using the pinking shears as opposed to scissors is that it will not fray.  What a bummer to spend all that time making it to have it be destroyed because it frayed too much!  Pinking shears have a jagged edge to them making it harder for the fabric to fray when cut.  They come in handy when cutting fabric for many different projects.

diy rag wreath, #Valentinesdaycraft, #craft, #diy, #thriftycraft, #easycraft, #valentinesday, #scraps, #fabric, #pinkingshears

diy rag wreath, #Valentinesdaycraft,  #diy, #thriftycraft, #craft,#easycraft, #valentinesday, #scraps, #fabric, #pinkingshears

this picture above is a close up of what your fabric will look like once cut with pinking shears.

Once your fabric is cut it is time to attach the squares to your wreath form.  Do yourself a favor and buy a glue gun that has dual temp control.  Sometimes you don’t need it to be as hot and when you are going to be using your fingers a lot it really does help.  I forgot to take a picture of the wreath form before I glued the fabric on, so I turned it over so you could see what I used.  I just got this at the Dollar Tree near me.  You can use any type of wreath form you want.

DIY rag wreath tutorial~Valentine's day wreath,  #valentinesday, #wreath,#Valentinesdaycrafts, #ragwreath, #fabric, #thriftycrafts, #tutorial, #wreathtutorial

To help attach the squares, I used an ink pen WITHOUT the pen part out.  You don’t want to leave ink marks on your fabric.  It probably wouldn’t show, but just use a retractable ink pen or a pencil that has been sharpened, but is very dull now.  Grab your square and wrap it around the tip of your ink pen with the patterned side out.  Add a drop of hot glue to the tip and place it on the wreath where you want to put it.  Another benefit of using the pointed object is that you can place the squares in the holes of the wreath so they lay better.  Hold it there for about 30 seconds or until you think it is set.  Continue to do this until you have the wreath as full as you would like it to be.  The more full it is, the fluffier it will look.  As you go, the pieces will help support each other so that they don’t just flop open as well.  When you first start, you may think it will not turn out pretty because the pieces don’t set just right, but trust me, as the wreath fills up, it looks better.  These wreaths are perfect for holidays as you can change the colors.  Red, white and blue for 4th of July, Greens for St Patrick’s day.  Pastels for Spring.  You get the picture.  Would also be great to add a special touch to any room in your home, so easy to find fabric to match any decor!

diy rag wreath,#diy, #Valentinesdaycraft,  #thriftycraft, #craft,#easycraft, #valentinesday, #scraps, #fabric, #pinkingshears

diy rag wreath, #Valentinesdaycraft, #thriftycraft, #craft,#easycraft, #valentinesday,  #diy, #scraps, #fabric, #pinkingshears

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