Don’t miss us on Facebook….or any of your friends.

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Some of you may have noticed that Facebook has changed it’s news feed.  If you have not interacted with our A Thrifty Mom facebook page lately then you will NOT get our updates.  It is pretty easy to fix, and here are the tips posted on facebook.

Wondering why you’re only seeing status updates from the same people? Facebook has changed its News Feed so that by default you can only see updates from people you have recently interacted with! To change this, click the arrow next to ‘Most Recent’ then “Edit Options” and check the box to receive updates from ALL friends. Most importantly – repost this! Only a few of your friends will actually see it

Or you can just head to our Facebook page, like  us or like one of your posts,  write on our wall or leave a comment. By interacting with our page, it will now allow our posts to show up on your feed.  No worries we only post a few things a day, keeps you in touch to hot deals but does not overload you page.  Look forward to being your facebook friend!