Don’t pay supermarket prices for meat

Don’t pay supermarket prices for meat

Ordering meat from Zaycon Fresh means you Don’t pay supermarket prices for meat and save a ton along the way!

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Don't pay supermarket prices for meat

Order here–>Save 25% to 50% off stores with Zaycon Fresh on farm-direct meats and wild-caught seafood. Easy local pick-up locations. No delivery fees. Use code SAVE20 for new members and save 20%

I have been ordering from Zaycon for quite a while now and have been so impressed! Chicken is what I mostly get. It comes in 40 lb containers and the chicken is separated into 4 10 lb packages inside. We usually freeze some and have canned some of it too. If you don’t have much freezer space or don’t know what you would do with 40 lbs at once, they are so easy to go in on with someone else. The breasts are huge and you do have to do some trimming, but not much. If you are new to Zaycon you can use code SAVE20 to save 20% off your first order

Here is a bit of what they sell:Order here–> Bacon

Order here–> Chuck roast

Order here–> Chicken breast

This chicken is huge and comes 2 connected and in 4 10 lb packages.

Order here–> Ground beef 80/20

Order here–> Shrimp