Drip Irrigation kit – Just add water

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drip irrigationHarbor Freight Garden/Lawn Sale – Save 25% to 50% Off!

Each year I scourer the hardware box stores and the local stores to find the best deals to help me save money in my gardening. This year in my garden tractor forum I am a part of, I found an awesome deal on drip irrigation. Now matter how easy it is to just hook up a sprinkler and spray the garden, the plants them self’s do not like their leaves wet. It is hard on them in the heat, they wither and shrivel up in the heat when they are wet. By doing that they expel energy to fix their withered leaves. By setting up a drip line and only spraying the roots at ground level the plants are much healthier, the bugs are kept back as much as possible, and their are less weeds.  And you save water, which is great for those in low water areas!

Right now Harbor Freight is having a sale on drip line irrigation sets!


  • 100 feet of 1/4 inch drip line
  • 6 stakes
  • 4 drip ends
  • pressure regulator,
  • couplers
  • tees
  • clamps


drip irrigation