Easter Bunny Cakes~Coconut and Marshmallow~One cake mix makes two cakes~

Easter bunny coconut or mashmallow cakes on poka dot paper, jelly beans, cake mix, #easterbunnycoconutcake, #easterbunnymashmallowcake
Easter is a fun time of year to celebrate with food and family
One cake mix makes 2 bunny cakes.
I made one out of coconut and the other out of marshmallow,
since not everyone likes coconut as much as I do.
This was super easy and fun to make!
Easter bunny coconut or mashmallow cake ingredients, jelly beans, cake mix, #easterbunnycoconutcake, #easterbunnymashmallowcake
One cake mix -Any flavor
Frosting in a tub (I made mine with powder sugar-
this way my little fingers in the house do not eat the frosting. lol)
Jelly beans
Green Food coloring
Pink construction paper
Red licorice (if you desire whiskers)
Easter bunny coconut or mashmallow cake mix, jelly beans, cake mix, #easterbunnycoconutcake, #easterbunnymashmallowcakeMaking the Cake
1st…Make the cake mixes following the direction on the back of the box (I usually substitute apple sauce for oil)
2nd…Grease and flour 2 pans (either 8 or 9 inch pan) and bake using the instructions on the box.
3rd…Take cakes out of the pan and put on a cooling rack.  Put in the freezer.
I made these cakes in the morning while I was cooking breakfast, and I finished the cake after dinner that same day. This way I can frost and decorate on my time!
Easter bunny coconut or mashmallow dying coconut, jelly beans, cake mix, #easterbunnycoconutcake, #easterbunnymashmallowcake, #dyingcoconutWhen the cake was baking, I made the green grass for the bunny to lay in.
How to make Green Grass Coconut
1st… Put 1 cup of coconut in a container with a lid.
2nd… Put 5-8 drops of green food coloring on top of the coconut.
3rd…  Put lid on the container and shake.
4th…Wow! Coloring coconut was that simple, and no mess!
Easter bunny coconut or mashmallow instructions, jelly beans, cake mix, #easterbunnycoconutcake, #easterbunnymashmallowcakeAssembling the Bunny Cakes
1st… Place the cake down and cut in half.
2nd…Frost both sides of the halves.
3rd…Put the halves together and place on the platter you will be using to display the cake
4th…Cut a piece out of the front and frost the piece.  Put the frosted piece on the back for the tail.
Since the cake is cold, it frosts easily.
Easter bunny coconut or mashmallow cake with coconut, jelly beans, cake mix, #easterbunnycoconutcake, #easterbunnymashmallowcakeFrost the Cake
Frost the outside of the cake, since the cake is cold; it frost easily.
Once you have frosted the outside and the frosting is drying, apply the coconut or the marshmallows.  Don’t let the frosting dry or the coconut or marshmallows will not stick.  Place the coconut or marshmallows in the palm of your hand and press on the cake.
Easter bunny coconut or mashmallow cake ear making, jelly beans, cake mix, #easterbunnycoconutcake, #easterbunnymashmallowcake
The Ears
1st…Cut out the ears.
2nd… Pinch the ears at the bottom.
3rd…Cut a slit in the top of the cake were you cut a piece of cake out.
Slice from back to front.  Slide the ear bottom in the slit area.
All done…Now it is beginning to look more like a bunny and less like a car.  (As my kids say)
Easter bunny coconut or mashmallow cake the face, jelly beans, cake mix, #easterbunnycoconutcake, #easterbunnymashmallowcakeFinishing Up
Now add the jelly beans for a nose and two eyes.  You can use shoe string licorice for whiskers too.
Sprinkle green grass coconut on both sides of the bunny.  Add a few jelly to the grass coconut along side the bunny.

To Make the Bunny Fatter
To make the bunny fatter, you can use all 4- halves side by side to make him wider.