Easy Pokemon cupcakes

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Easy Pokemon cupcakes

Have a Pokemon party coming up? Make these Easy Pokemon cupcakes!

Easy Pokemon cupcakes

These Pokemon cupcakes were so fun to make with my son for his Pokemon birthday party. So easy to make, you don’t need any cake decorating talent to make them look great. The kids loved them!

You will need:

cupcakes (We made rainbow party cake mix cupcakes)

white icing

red food coloring (the gel is best to make sure its a great red color)

black icing

white chocolate chips

After the cupcakes are baked, divide your icing in half. Half will stay white and the other half you will dye red. If you haven’t tried using gel food coloring, you really are missing out. They give vibrant colors without thinning the consistency out.

I started by putting the white frosting on first. I just spread it on with a spreader. Try to keep it at halfway, but it is ok if it goes over some. After the white frosting, add the red frosting to the other half, evening them out with your spreader in the middle. Once the cupcake is iced, add a line of black icing, making sure to add a little extra dot of icing in the center. Place your white chocolate chip upside down into that extra dollop of black icing.

That is it! Easy right? Such a simple, cute cake for a kid’s party that doesn’t cost you extra.

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