Easy Soda Can Tags~Great For Parties

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Easy Soda Can Tags~Great For Parties

Is it soda or pop where you live? Maybe soda pop together?  I always wonder how other people say things.  Anyway, back to the topic on hand!  Are you hosting a New Year’s Eve party?  If not, this is great to keep in mind for any party, bbq or get together where you will be drinking out of soda cans.

You will need:

Washi tape

Small paper clips


Soda cans

This doesn’t take a lot of explanation really.  Cut off a strip of washi tape and wrap it around the side of your paper clip.  Stick the sides of the tape so they stick to each other.  Trim off your raw edge, so they are neat and clean.

easy soda can tags,  #partytips, #entertaining, #partyplanning,#soda, #sodacan, #washitape, #washi, #paperclips

Write your guest’s name on their little “flag” and attach it to the tab on top of the soda can.  Easy right?  And then there is no mix up with picking up the wrong can!  I hate when I am at a party and I am not sure which drink is mine, so I don’t drink any of them.  Not to mention that its wasteful.

Make a bunch of these before the get together and leave them with a sharpie or ink pen next to where the soda is being served.  Makes it easy for everyone to write their own name and attach it to their can when they get their drinks.

easy soda can tags,  #partytips, #partyplanning,#soda, #sodacan, #entertaining, #washitape, #washi, #paperclips