Egging Grandpa’s Truck ~ Grandkids on the farm #WordlessWednesday

egging the truck with grandpaWho ever said you have to spend money to have fun, has never been around my family.  Growing up on the farm there are lots of ways to have fun with no money involved.   We went to my parents house Easter weekend to have an egg hunt with the kids and let the cousins play.  My Dad then informed the kids that they could go find the the eggs on the farm and then he would let them throw them at his work truck.

My Mom and Dad normally collect the eggs from the chickens and eat them, but they were gone for two weeks and the eggs did not get collected. They needed to get the old eggs out so they could start fresh…. so off the kids went on a “real egg hunt”.  Lifting chickens, searching threw the straw and loving every second of it as they found the eggs.

Grandpa even drew targets on the side of his truck for the kids to aim at.  The kids lined up and the eggs began to fly, smashing against the side of the truck. They thought it was a blast…. I mean when else do you get the green light to smash eggs on a truck.  My kids said it was the “best day ever” and think Grandpa is pretty amazing.

egging the truck with grandpa

As always I am never very good at the “wordless” part…lol.