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by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

cicWell quite often we re post issues that constant affect us in the coupon world. Not so much that we are trying to push the subject rather then to educate new couponers. I did a two part series on fake coupons and how to spot them earlier in the year. I think it is a good refresher to review it and make your self more familiar with how coupons are produced and which ones are real and which ones are not.

You can read Part 1 Here

And Part 2 Here

These issues will never change as long as people out there try to fake the system. And in an economy like ours that is so up and mostly down, with so many out of work or simply struggling survival instincts kick in and people will do anything to stay alive. Or people are unethical and produce fake coupons simply because they can.

We really have a hard time posting ANY kind of PDF coupon. In almost every case in which we do post a link for a PDF coupon on major brands we almost always state that is comes directly from the manufacture.

If there is any doubt we will rather forgo the deal then post something questionable to the point where we or you could get in trouble. There is a nonprofit group that works with manufactures to help find and prosecute makers and users of fake coupons. They are called the Coupon Information Corporation or CIC. They have a link HERE that is updated frequently when ever a fake coupon comes out.

They even have rewards to help find people who produce or teach people how to produce fake coupons, like this link to their $25,000 reward pdf here

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