Few things I picked up…no coupons used

After being out of town for a week, no bountiful basket for two weeks and holiday parties I really needed to grab few things at the store.  We had a fondue night for New Years and I also made a wonderful new recipe for cranberry salsa ( I will share the recipe soon).  Both of these required things I did not have on hand like, ginger, jalapeños, green onions, clinato….and more.  It is not very often I go to the store and not use a coupon….but I was in a hurry and just grabbed what I needed.

I have to admit it was REALLY hard to not buy everything in the store that looked good.  Normally I am so focused on buying what I have coupons and sales for that I do not allow myself to even look at things that are not on my list.  As you can tell I lacked a little bit of self control when I came across the Almond  Rocca for only $1.25 a box…..( this has got to be the best stuff ever made)

I was able to snag this all for $32.85 at Walmart.

On a side note, their french bread loaf is only $1.00 and DANG it was yummy!