First Day of School 2015 ~ Get your FREE printable for back to school photos

First day of school 2015, free printable back to school signsSummer sure was fun, we played hard, stayed up later than we should have.  It always seems to go way to fast…. yet at the same time it goes in slow motion when the kids are fighting or saying “I’m Bored”. But I sure do love having them home.  It is always hard for me to send them back to school and every year I think maybe I should home school them…. then I remember that I am really good at lots of things, but structure and teaching is NOT my #1 talent and we go back to public school.

I love the excitement and enthusiasm they have for the first day of school. They all pop right out of bed get dressed and bounce down the stairs for breakfast. We will see how long that attitude will last.

First day of school 2015, free printable back to school signsWe took our traditional BACK TO SCHOOL first day of school photo.  It is amazing how much they change in a year. You can get the FREE PRINTABLE Back To School Signs here.

Now it is just me and my baby at home, she keeps wandering around the house looking for everyone.

First day of school 2015