Flirty Aprons FLASH 1 day only sale on their newest items BABY BIBS 9/12 only

Flirty Aprons  newest line of items is baby bibs. Yes! Baby Bibs. They have gone from covering moms clothing in the kitchen to babies clothing in the high chair. These flirty bibs cover enough body mass to protect from the worst Spaghettio experience you can imagine. TODAY Wednesday, September 12, they are offering a Flash Deal with a 30% off coupon code .

Valid for 24 hours only, limited supply of bibs for each style. When they sell out, they are gone the coupon code  will not be valid on Thursday and supplies are limited.

Flash Sale – 30% off Bibs, code bibs30, valid only 9/12

Coupon code makes them $9.06 each…With shipping this makes them $13.99 each.