Fraud hits again

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Ingard here, today I was at the Ridley’s in Middleton and the manager brought this particular coupon to my attention. I had no information on this coupon to share with him since I had NEVER seen it, boy am I glad I hadn’t seen it! Unfortunately they accepted this coupon a few times and then finally stopped, thankfully. I say unfortunately because this coupon is counterfeit and the store is out the revenue AND the product.

Now the persons that redeemed this coupon did this in good faith and unknowingly it would seem. If you receive this coupon to print please not only delete it but let the persons that emailed it to you know that it is an illegal coupon.

However, when counterfeit coupons are redeemed it effects all couponers and non-couponers alike. As a general rule coupons that are in a PDF format (as this one is) are generally fraud, there are a few that I can think of that are not, 3M, California Real dairy coupons and Milford Farms. Please be mindful of where your coupons are generating from.

This is a topic of repeated concern and it is good to remind ourselves to be on a vigilant look out to stop these fraudulent coupons in their tracks.

If you question a coupon please check out the CIC, HERE